Increasing Efficiency with an Automated Application Process

Feedback about the previous application process included the fact that many organizations were filling out the wrong application (there are five different applications). To solve this problem we developed a pre-screening questionnaire in which the candidates would answer a handful of questions to best determine which application was right for them.

Another difficulty was the review process, which consisted of a print out of an email with numerous form fields listed out. This was not scannable and made the whole process of reviewing funding applications a headache. Therefore, we developed a process that would take all of the data inputted by the candidate in their application and provide a uniform, easy-to-read report which would be automatically sent to the review board.

Screenshot of online form

Taking Advantage of Industry-Leading Tools to Make Life Easier

Although the new and improved application process is much more streamlined for the end user, the set up was by no means simple. In fact, the entire process consists of many moving parts including a landing page, six webforms, a data processor, cloud storage, and email alerts.


As Typeform Partners a we take pride in introducing clients to the beauty, simplicity, and ease-of-use of the Typeform platform. It was a perfect fit for the funding application taking the numerous form fields and delivering them to the candidates in a question-by-question format with use of logic to skip unnecessary questions and/or ask clarifying questions.


Once the application is submitted the data is loaded by Formstack Documents (formerly WebMerge) which formats everything into the aforementioned report. Then the completed report, along with any supporting documentation uploaded during the process, are saved into the specified file structure in Google Drive and an email notification is sent to the review board.


All of these tasks are performed by different third-party services and tied together into an automated workflow using Zapier. The end result: applicants who get the funding they request and a busy client’s life made much easier.

***This project was completed while working as an employee of Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office.

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