Streamlining the Marketing Funnel with Automation

Their existing process worked, but they were hoping to cut out the extra work they were doing and hopefully automate things to be more efficient. They had already been using MailChimp to manage all of their email marketing and after browsing the MailChimp Expert directory came across my listing.

As certified MailChimp Experts I know a thing or two about what MailChimp has to offer. Most people know MailChimp as an email marketing system, which it most certainly is, however much has changed over the past few years. MailChimp has grown and evolved into a robust, all-around online marketing platform.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the concept of a marketing funnel. Well at Madison Investing they had a system in place that was working, but they wanted to make the process more efficient and provide more valuable to the user.

The workflow that Jennifer had outlined was very thorough and helped to convey exactly what they were looking to achieve with their new and improved process. They use a specialized CRM for real estate investing called SyndicationPro. We used Zapier to connect with their MailChimp account and set up several different journeys to onboard, nurture, and upsell their customers, completely automating the entire process.

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