Named for the humble Franciscan friar who founded the majority of California's missions in the New World, Junípero utilizes a minimal design aesthetic to portray the richness and beauty of your parish while at the same time making it easy-to-use on any size device.

The colors are customizable and can be matched to your existing logo or color scheme. The typeface used increases legibility and invokes a sense of the great Tradition of the Church going back 20 centuries. Choose this template for your parish website!

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Springboard Classic

This template is designed for the easiest user experience. The homepage features one item such as the most recent Sunday homily or special event along with four other priority pages on your website forming a veritable springboard to lead your users to your parish's most important content.

The Classic version of this design uses more traditional typefaces that invoke the sacred tradition of the Church while at the same time promoting legibility. Of course, we will make it yours by customizing it to use your parish's logo and colors.

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Stratis Minimis

This bold style is perfect for showcasing great photos of your community. Stratis, latin for layers, describes the way this design stacks your sites content in layers using parallax. The rest of the design is kept minimal so that it doesn't detract from the visual power of the photography.

The content is gathered into three principal categories. Who We Are giving insight into the identity of the community. What We Do consists of a calendar of upcoming events as well as photos from past activities and events. Come Join Us is an invitation for new members to become a part of the community.

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Panorama Moderna

This design features a bold call to action with a full-width photo and invitation to your visitors to learn more about your community. The typefaces are a blend of streamlined, modern headings with more traditional, readable body copy perfect for showcasing the Church in the modern world.

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